INTERIORS - Larry Rogers Photography

The Inspiration behind my Interior Design Collection

Try to recall (or imagine) the feeling inside you the first time you experienced the earth rumbling below your feet, as the enormous geothermal feature called Grand Geyser exploded, sending a plume of boiling water to heights of 100 meters or more overhead with a deafening roar.  Perhaps it has been a few years since you had this experience, but thinking back on it today, my bet is that you can still remember that sound, that feeling of absolute amazement and yes, fear.

Experiences like that are my inspiration to create interiors that evoke the emotional responses I felt when first experiencing the wildest places on earth. I am reminded every day, as I work in the field or in my studio, of the enormous responsibility I have to not only share and communicate the emotion and beauty of these wonderful places, but also the fragile and tenuous relationship between man and nature that threatens these places that I hold dear.

When you purchase of any of my products you make it possible for me to continue the pursuit of moments like those you will find here and to continue my support of philanthropic organizations that are working tirelessly every day to protect these places of natural wonder and beauty.

I invite you to join me for a brief explanation of my approach to the "art" of interior design. To join me in supporting organizations that work hard for the sustainability of the places you see here, please reach out to me via the CONTACT page, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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