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Backyard Songbirds

Backyard Songbirds

Prints of various sizes, for example:
8x12 inch No Gallery Border. $14.99 plus framing

Living in an "Inspiring" Environment

My most private sanctuary is the place where I do some of my best thinking. My closest friends call it my 'man cave,' but in reality it is just a simple office.  In it, I have an L-shaped desk that holds an iMac computer, a disk array where I store my 'personal cloud' of images and important files, a second monitor, a backup power supply, and a Bose sound system which is used mostly for listening to the Sixties on 6 music channel on siriusxm.com.  "Why sixties music?" you ask.  Because sixties music takes me back to an earlier time - a time when gas was only 25 cents a gallon, and that was premium.  That music makes me feel good, and it puts me in a mood to be creative, to create that same feeling in my images.

Adorning the walls in this 'man cave' are simple prints that evoke and support the same emotions as the music. I did not spend much to adorn the walls in my most important creative space. You will find two paper prints, 10x10 inches square (airplanes in flight), two metal prints 10x10 inches square (birds at a local pond) and two canvas wraps (bald eagle capturing a fish). I can recall the exact moment each of these images was captured. I can remember the January morning in Iowa when I got the eagle shots - it was about ten below zero! The airplane shots were captured at an air show, and it was hot that day!

Please let me make a suggestion to you. I have assembled a short duration slide show, using stock images upon which I have placed a few examples of my artwork. As you watch the slideshow, try to imagine the sort of images that might inspire you when you are in your own space. Then, take a look through my galleries for many more examples of artwork.  I encourage you to look at the work of other artists/photographers, too. I hope you will come back here to make your purchase, but moreover, I hope you will find the inspiration that will motivate you to do the most with your most important space! Ultimately, you may even be inspired to help me support the organizations that are working hard to save our most inspirational places.

I hope you enjoy the short slideshow above, and my galleries, too!

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