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Designer's Worstation

Designer's Worstation

Standard Print, 20x30 inches, Glossy
No Gallery Border, $94.99

Adding "Inspiration" to your Corporate Space

In my prior 'corporate' life, the life I lived for more than twenty years prior to the realization that I was an artist and not a CEO, one of my most important accomplishments was creating an environment of informality, comfort, and yes, trust.

I did this in a most non-traditional way. I started out with a rented space in a corporate 'high-rise' building - one of those familiar glass-sided structures that formed a part of the skyline in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash.

The realization that something needs to change

Sitting at my desk one day, a gentleman came barging into my quiet, very sterile-yet-professional space, pushing a cart loaded with framed artwork. Before he spoke to me, he took out one of his prints and held it up to an open space on the wall (which was easy for him, since the entire suite had empty walls). Thinking that he would soon realize that he was in the wrong place, I let him play for a few minutes, then I introduced myself. Less than an hour later, I had a nicely decorated office suite with images from around the city, and I had even ordered frames for a couple of documents I wanted to hang.  My investment was less than $1,000 (back in 1997).

My proposal to you

In a perfect world, I would gather up my best images and walk into your business and repeat the process that worked so well when I made one of the best purchases of my professional life. Since that isn't practical, I have an offer for you: Send me a clear photograph of one or two walls in your business where I could place one or two of my images to change the 'feel' of the space. Send me a few details using the CONTACT form, and I will send you the details of my proposal. In short, I will ask you to pay a small fee for the up-front design work, but you will get the fee back, in the form of a coupon against your total purchase.

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